Task 2 is now over and everyone has had a lot of fun. Everyone is now about to have lunch outside with their brand new buddies. What fun will we have this afternoon? Although the gardening groups have enjoyed themselves they sure have made a Mess! Never mind!

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Lochlan and Raindow Dash with Travel Dash.

once there  was a child and two teddies. the boy was called Lochlan and the  two bears were called Rainbow Das and Travel Dash.

One day Lochlan lost both of his toys. Lochlan told mum, dad and even Boosh the cat. He said” Can you find Rainbow Dash and Travel Dash my teddy Pegasus?”

Lochlan is a luvly little boy and he is  very creative  Rainbow dash is a rainbow herd pegsis  just the sane as travul dash but big mum looked in her cor dad looked in his cor even boosh ( the cat) looked Lochlan  was down in the dumps  dut he had a dig day in frunt of him first he went to the porce, wods and finly cor lochlan went in the cubid and-…

there was ranbow dash and travul bash.

Mini James has an amazing adventure

Once in a little town there were two inseparable friends they went every were together. The town they lived in was small but not very loud. Cars went in the estate and out. It was a scruffy town but had lots of friendly people in. The two friends names were James and Mini James. One morning there was a knock at the door it was Jack he came to ask if James was coming “are you coming out James?” asked Jack “yeah why not” said James “I’ll go and get my bike and Mini James” said James and with that James went to get every thing he needed. The two boys were out all day finally James came back home to get his tea Jack was already at his at home James felt something was wrong where was Mini James? “MILLIE” shouted James at the top of his voice , Millie ,James sister came down stairs “what do you want” said Millie “oh it doesn’t matter” said James angrily James opened the door got his house keys and phone and left to find Mini James. He looked under cars in gardens in the trees on the road every were but he had no luck. Finally he came back home when he got in he went straight to bed “ring” the phone was ringing it was Jack “Hi James” said Jack “Hi Jack

Semi-Finals Result for Year 4

The year four’s football team was Matthew, Lewis, Kieran, James, Sam, Finley, Kenzie, Ben and Tyler. When we all got there we started training, later on we started the match the ending result was 0-0. There was 15 minutes each way. The next game we unfortunately conceded one, but we did not give up our hopes of winning. When it was half time we rose back up to 1-1 the brilliant goal was scored by Lewis. Next we conceded a corner but Lewis’s header just about saved us, a couple of seconds later it was passed to Kieran he shot but unfortunately hit the post and it rolled out for a goal kick. Later they kicked the ball to us by accident  then Lewis got it and took a shot and it flew in the back of the net. The ending result was 2-1 to Tanfield. The third game we played was the last at the start Lewis managed to score the first goal which made it 1-0, later he managed to score again which made it 2-0. At half time Kieran managed to score the third goal (after hitting the post 5 times in 3 games) Later Kenzie managed to make the ball fly in  the back of the net and that made 4-0 as the final score!

So after drawing 1 game and winning 2 year 4 made it to the final!

Lewis and the lost teddy bear.

Once there was 2 brothers called Alfie  and Lewis also a cuddly toy cold Bag Puss. Alfie was a shrimpy 2 yers old, Lewis on the over hand was a hansom 8 and a half years old also  bag pus is a small cudley toy that can fit in a pocket or a bag. Every day they went to the swimming bats , the sopping tent and every night Lewis took bag pus to bed until one dark stormy night…! ”Wheres bag pus! ” shouted Lewis. mum look’s in the kitchen dad look’s in the car and trailer Alfie runs around the room saying ” aaaaaaaaa!” loudly. but bag pus was no were to be thound the next day Lewis and his family went thor a walk Lewis was kicking stones around he was feeling down in the dumps eventually  they got their dinner after that they went to the swimming bats and splashed and played. Before they went Lewis went down the crazy Riva and whot was at the botim… bag pus after that they went bac to the caravan, had tea and watched TV .


Question marks ???? Or full stops ….

Leave the answer down below in the comments.

1. Does your dog bite _

2. My brother is called Alex  _

3. When will dad come home _

4.I like watching TV _

5. How old are you _

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Lucky’s amazing trip

Something was vey wrong! Lucky was not in bed! He was missing out of the house maybe! He was only at the park, in the wash and in the kitchen and, on the radiator to dry.  I took him into the bedroom…  He is lost forever!  “where is Lucky?” said Amber. “He can’t be lost now! I’m going to look everywhere for him! I don’t care if I need to go to bed! I will never go to bed without Lucky!” Amber told mam and dad. They looked frantically for him! Even Jasper, the dog, was starting to look because he was digging holes in the grass! mum, was looking everywhere in the kitchen and also, dad was looking in the garden and Jasper was looking in the grass, digging holes, in his cage and even in his kennel! But unfortunately, no one could find Lucky anywhere! Amber’s sisters could hear her crying in bed! She was missing Lucky lots! Amber and Lucky done everything together! They went to the park, the shops, to the swimming baths, to the beach, to grandma’s house and every single night, they went to bed together!  mum said, ” Why don’t you just get another teddy, from the bottom of your bed and pretend that it is Lucky! That way, you can get to sleep!” So Amber tried it and she kept on waking up through the night!

” I want Lucky!” sobbed Amber. She went downstairs and told mam that she was missing him!

” I know that you miss Lucky and I don’t know where he is! No one knows where he is, we have looked everywhere for him! Sorry, but I can’t find him! In the morning, they went to the park because it was a beautiful, sunny day!

To be continued……………






but then …

John realized something that made him cry! “Where is Owly?” screamed john. He asked mum if she knew where Owly was but she said “I have no clue, sorry.” Although he had no clue where he was! John searched extremely carefully for him not a single detail was missed he looked high and low, up and down but it was no use he was lost forever! John could just not find poor, fluffy Owly. Mum said we were having pizza for dinner but not even scrumptious, pepperoni pizza could cheer john up then. He searched thoroughly through the giant garden of his grandma but all he found was a ball of bright pink yarn! tears started dwelling in his eyes, his face turned pink suddenly he burst into tears of horrible, sad feelings!”MUM!!” shouted John. John’s mum came racing to the garden “What’s the matter I thought you got hurt!” John told mum what was the matter and all mum could think of was back at her house. But  mum said John would have to wait because hey were sleeping at grans tonight because mum was working till bright and early. John told mum to be more specific so mum said “midnight!” John groaned “Grrrr!” mum said he would have to deal with it because otherwise they wouldn’t get money and if mum didn’t get any money there would be no food for anybody. So that was that, conversation over ! He realized Owly was not at mums he was at…

                                       To be continued…

An adventure.

Once there was two best friends, who were inseparable, until on bright summer`s morning Lucy and Lilly`s friendship had been crushed they had a very bad falling out ! It started out as a very strange and ordinary bright scorching hot morning , meanwhile the birds were singing a beautiful melody in the blue sunny sky .Suddenly Lucy came along while Lilly was sitting on the swing in the park Lilly said it was the worst and day of her life she walked away from Lucy as Lilly walked beside her .Lucy felt lonely and upset that Lilly didn`t look back to say hello . Lilly strolled back home Lucy didn`t follow she gave up it was obviously not ment  to be friends she said .  Lilly waited patiently outside of Lucy`s house sitting down on the hard dust stones . Lucy came out from her humungous house and went to talk to Lilly Lucy said I forgive you for everything you`ve done she suggested to go out to the clothes shop and buy some bits and bobs the were almost like they had never had a argument they were so happy that they became best friend again they loved being together. When they were out shopping together Lucy bought a teddy bear and took him home and then they had tea and went up to bed and got all cosy and snug in there beds .

Flop’s Adventure

Once there was a little boy who was 5 years old he had a teddy bear called flop’ the little boy’ name was called Bing. Flop lives in cheese lane it is a lovely place to live in. Also it is quiet warm and lovely another thing flop’s teddy bear is lush, cuddly and adorable. The next day Flop and Bing go everywhere they go to  Sports Direct, Builder bear work shop, and even to McDonalds to by chicken nuggets and chips . Also Flop and Bing play’s different games together they play Mario Sports Mix, FIFA14, Hobbit, and formula one. Another thing they go to bed every  night but that night …


Little bears Adventure

Once there were two friends who were never apart.  One day on a bright scorching hot summer morning in a nice, quiet, peaceful street was a little girl and her little teddy bear called little bear. [The little girl was called Ella.] they were brilliant friends also they went every were together. Some times they went to the loud, busy park. They also went to the shop. Sometimes they even went to the swimming pool but Little bear couldn’t go in because his soft, silky fur would get wet and go all hard! So Ella put him on the side as well as checking on him every ten seconds even though he was just behind her. But every night no matter what she would take him to her warm, cosy bed with her.

Fido’s Adventure!

Once there was a little boy who was six years old he had a little teddy bear named Fido, the boys name was Daniel. He lived in Rowan Street. Daniel is kind, helpful and loving his best friend is called Jack, Jack is seven. Fido is cuddly, soft, flexible and fleecy, when Daniel is crying at night time he always gets Fido and starts cuddling into him because he is as soft as a feather. Daniel takes Fido everywhere! Sometimes they went to Toys ‘R’ Us, also they go to the Metro Centre, sometimes they go to Hiddenville Mall. Sometimes they played games together which they  play almost everyday and they extremely love it. And every night they went to bed together. The games Daniel and Fido play are FIFA 15, AW (Advanced Warfare), Minecraft, Happy Wars and FIFA Street. But one night Daniel felt like something was wrong…

Little Bear

One little boy called Abdi along with Little Bear(Abdi’s teddy Bear) Abdi took Little bear everywhere,Sometimes Abdi took Little Bear to the shops(Asda),parks. One pich black, Dark and cold night Abdi wanted Little Bear however Little Bear was lost…
The mam looked in the kitchen, dad looked in the garden despite it was midnight and freezing but he wasn’t there. They did not stop there his sister(Poppy) looked to although Little Bear wasn’t anywhere. Poppy could hear Abdi crying though the brick wall however they finally went sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzz

The next day Poppy Abdi also mum firstly went to the shops, park , bus stop also to Abdi’s grans. Abdi slowly walked behind when they went in the house. SITTING THERE WAS LITTLE BEAR!!!!!!! watching t.v gran give Abdi a big hug ABDI GIVE little Bear a evan biger hug

Little Bear

Once there was a little boy, who was called Abdi and he loved his little bear. Abdi loved to little bear everywhere. Sometime Abdi would go to the park with little bear. Sometimes they went to the shops (Asda) and every night Abdi would take little bear to bed and cuddle him all night. That night Abdi was crying and he knew that something was wrong…

Abdi had lost little bear. also mum looked in the kitchen dad looked in the garden and poppy looked everywhere but no one found little bear.

The next day Abdi, poppy and mum all went for a walk firstly they went to the park then they went to the shops also they went to the bus stop finally they went to grandma house. Grandma had a big surprise for Abdi so as soon as they got there grandma took Abdi by the hand and showed him into the sitting room and there was little bear sitting on the sofa watching the tv Abdi was so pleased and happy that he started crying. Although Abdi was happy that he found little bear he was also happy that grandma was looking after little bear. Abdi hugged grandma and grandma hugged Abdi but Abdi hugged little bear even bigger it as the biggest cuddle ever

Little Bear

One day there was a little boy called Abdi who had a little bear called Little Bear.They went everywhere together sometimes to the shops, sometimes to the park and every night they to bed together.

The next day when Abdi went to bed he knew something was wrong … Little Bear was missing. Mum searched in the kitchen, dad searched in the garden and poppy looked everywhere however there was no sign of him anywhere! That night Poppy could hear little Abdi crying in his bed.

In the morning the went for a walk firs they went to the shops next they went to the park and played for a bit. After that they went to the bus stop finally they went to grans house.

Gran grabbed Abdi by the hand and took him to the sitting room and said ” look what I’ve found. There sitting down watching TV was LITTLE BEAR. Suddenly Abdi ran to little bear and gave him the biggest hug you have ever seen. gran walked up and gave Abdi a huge hug too. As they were walking home Abdi squeezed so tight that he could never drop him ever again. Now Abdi can be able to sleep from now on and everyone will be happy!

Little Bear

One day, there was a little boy called Abdi. He had a teddy called Little Bear and Abdi took him absolutely everywhere! Sometimes, he took him to the park. Sometimes he took him to the shops. Every night Abdi took Little Bear to bed.

One night Abdi knew something was wrong… HE LOST LITTLE BEAR!!! Mum had to look in the kitchen, dad had to look in the garden and Poppy looked… everywhere! But still, no sign of Little Bear! That night Poppy could hear Abdi crying.

The next day, Abdi went for a walk. First he went to the park. Next he went to the shops. After that, he went to the bus stop. Finally he went to grans. “Hello Abdi!” gran said in a sweet voice “Now look at what I found…” Abdi walked in the room with his eyes covered and guess what he saw when he opened his eyes….. LITTLE BEAR!!! There he was lounging on the sofa watching the TV. Abdi gave gran a BIG cuddle and Abdi gave Little Bear a MASSIVE cuddle. Now that Abdi knows how bad it feels to lose Little Bear he will never ever lose him again!

By Max

Writing Stories

This week Year 4 have been reading the story Dogger and listening to Pie Corbett’s Little Bear.

Year 4’s task is to retell the story of Little Bear with the aid of a story map.

They will be creating their own story next week.

100 word challenge

As they turned the corner … there was a bank with a black van outside and I thought to myself what could it be?. All of a sudden I saw two men dressed in black clothes then I realized that it was bank robbers! I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called the police when they answered I said ” QUICK bank robbers at maze bank they are driving in a black van” As quick as lightening the police found them and arrested them! To my amazement I got rewarded 80 pounds. The next day the police came to my house and INVITED ME TO THEIR CRIB!